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The Block

The Block

The biggest, toughest, fiercest home-renovating competition that will see contestants needing to renovate an entire house.

With only four houses and eight teams from across Australia fighting to move in to The Block, the series begins with a tense 24-hour, do-or-die Elimination Challenge to see which four couples can make it through to the full property renovation. These “final four” will be taken out of their comfort zones and dropped into a frantic eight-week contest to renovate dilapidated houses.

The hallway and living rooms are proving very difficult for all four teams. The sisters must learn some new skills as their plasterer drops out at the last minute.
Scott Cam sets the couples a challenge with a very special celebrity host who sends one team straight to the doghouse.
Room Reveal And Judging: Jenna has a painting disaster in the rush to finish the hallway and living room. The rooms are revealed for the judges and this week's winner is announced.
Challenge Night: Shelley sets the teams a cooking challenge with one very big twist. Before they can cook, they'll have to build their kitchens first!
Chaos at The Block today as all of the couples kitchens are being installed and site foreman Keith has some serious concerns about Josh's plumbing.
All four teams have their work cut out for them as they try top complete their kitchen renovations. But one team decide to go even further by completely re-doing one of their previous rooms.
What begins as a seemingly simple challenge turns into a riotous game show as Scott Cam brings in special guest host Ed Phillips for a real estate guessing game.
Josh and Keith have a run in about who knows more about plumbing, Polly and Waz show reveal their secret weapon, and all the teams are under the pump to get their kitchens finished in time for judging.
Shelley Craft offers an amazing $10,000 cash prize which the couples are desperate to win to help them complete this week's renovations. But first they'll have to find the prize inside a hedge maze.
Josh and Jenna have a secret weapon for their garden but struggle to agree on the design. The contestants all race to start painting their exteriors as the storm clouds gather.
The teams have to battle against atrocious weather to have any chance of completing their gardens and renovating the facades before this week's final reveal and judgement.
Host Scott Cam offers up the series biggest prize of $15000 with a challenge to create the best campaign to sell their homes.
All four teams experience their toughest day on The Block as they struggle to complete their exteriors in time for the final judging.
The judges announce the winner of the final reveal and then it's party time for all four teams before they have to pack up and leave The Block.
The four couples have all returned to their own homes only to find that nothing is quite the same after eight long weeks of renovating and suddenly becoming TV stars.
Host Scott Cam calls all of the teams back to Melbourne to take part in a huge two day challenge which will decide the all-important Auction Order.
The Champ or Chump Quiz is decided in an unusual way and then some very special guests arrive to judge their renovations for crucial points to decide the outcome of the challenge.
After eight weeks of exhausting renovations all four houses are finally Open For Inspection and then go under the hammer at Auction to decide which couple will take out the $100,000 prize.