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Buy It, Fix It, Sell It

Buy It, Fix It, Sell It

A trio of top professional 'fixers' battle for the best junk at auction, then transform it and try to sell it for big profits.

The show follows our experts at auction at they fight over second-hand crap. They want to buy low then restore or radically repurpose their finds and sell high to shops, collectors, elite clients or at auction. Creativity equals cash for these pros and they have the vision and the skills to back it up. Every episode delivers “wow” transformations and a surprise ending to their adventure. Who will make the most from buying, fixing and selling?

License To Rock
The Neon brothers battle over who will do the work on their latest installation while Bob steps out of his comfort zone to transform a more modern gas pump.
In Plane Sight
Willy risks losing money on his high-flying creation by selling it at an auction while the Neon brothers struggle to make their money back on an expensive purchase. Bob tackles one of his biggest projects.
Boxed In
The Neon brothers meet their match with a tough negotiator while Willy hopes his music-themed artwork can fetch big money from a local record label. Tiffany's storage solution confuses a potential buyer.
Against The Wall
Willy tries to get recognition as a furniture designer while Mike thinks Joe is dead wrong about a zombie-themed project. Tiffany's ambitious installation has a setback the night before the big reveal.
Typewriter Tussle
Tiffany is coerced into handing over a purchase to the tricky Neon brothers while Willy gambles with a new client in order to secure a sale.
The Man-Delier
Bob is challenged by a piece that may be too old and rusted to transform while a decorative piece from Tiffany proves a tough sell. Willy discovers his chandelier has a mystery buyer.
The Throne Of Love
Willy's latest transformation forces him to think out of the box while Bob hopes a 50s-themed piece will attract an old buyer. Tiffany needs to create the perfect addition to a client's extravagant condo.
Chair Champions
Tiffany and Willy go after the same vintage chairs, but it's Tiffany who gets the upper hand. Bob decides to invest more money than usual into transforming a piece of furniture.
Pull The Rug
Tiffany must find the perfect item for a client who is nervous about too much color, while Bob finds an odd buyer for his latest creation. A furniture dealer proves to be a tough opponent for the brothers.
Bikers And Babes
The Neon brothers have to get tough in a negotiation with a neon sign collector, while Tiffany takes a risk on a sexy installation. Willy tries to sell a piece to two members of a motorcycle gang.
Vanity Insanity
Willy worries the item he's selling to a local music venue is too big to fit inside, while Tiffany tries to please a spa owner with very specific tastes.
Chair Man Of The Boards
The Neons struggle to sell a vintage piece to a longtime buyer, while Tiffany must convince a photographer friend to buy two chairs for his studio.
The Besk
Tiffany struggles to build an ambitious kitchen centerpiece for a new client. Willy has an unusual plan to transform a piece of old furniture and the Neon brothers journey to sell their new piece.
Making A Case
Willy is determined to turn his item into a piece of high art, while the Neon brothers discover an ingenious way to transform used sporting goods.
Blanket Battle
Tiffany and the Neon Brothers fight over rare Hudson's Bay pieces and neither side is prepared to lose. Willy has designs on an old chair that could sell for big bucks if he can just find a buyer.
Mail Box Wars
Willy and Bob duke it out over model Winnebagos but they both have the same idea on how to transform them. Tiffany tries to create a high end look with the ugliest item at auction.
Take A Bath
Rob is desperate for an old bathtub that he thinks he can transform into a living room 'must have'. Willy bags a vintage TV and the Neon Brothers outdo themselves with a timely wall piece.
That's Life
Tiffany's in love with a 'Life' magazine collection and the Neon Brothers are in love with a Marilyn Monroe portrait. Willy turns a vintage suitcase into a stunning modern classic.
Piano Man Rules
Rob baffles partner Jules as he bags an old piano. Could it be the key to riches? Willy creates an epic deck chair and the Neon Brothers design a high end table for a trendy office.
Sweat It Out
Willy has an auction meltdown as Bob bids him up on all his top pieces. Tiffany is in trouble as she overspends on a fantasy bedroom for a favourite client. Will anyone make money?