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Celebrity Home Raiders

Celebrity Home Raiders

Each week in 'Celebrity Home Raiders" we visit an A-list celebrity in their home and help them purge their stuff. From expensive mid-century modern furniture to costumes they once wore on stage; from valuable signed memorabilia to tschotskes you might find in any home. With the help of a host and a straight-talking appraiser unimpressed with fame, they discuss the history of each object and how the celeb came to own it. Then they haggle over what it's worth. In each show, we'll visit two celebrities at home and each story will end in an auction house where the objects are sold off to fans who want a piece of their favourite celebrity.

Will the objects get the price the celebrity thinks they should, or will they be humiliated to find that they value their objects more than members of the public do? All proceeds will go to charity.

Lance Bass
Kit and Martin get a look inside the home of former NSYNC member Lance Bass. He tries to raise money through various means, including uncovering a semi-nude portrait.
David Cassidy
Kit and Darren get access to the home of David Cassidy, who shares various items including Partridge family memorabilia, rare magazines for teenagers and polyester jumpsuits.
Fran Drescher
Kit and Martin receive an invitation to visit the house of Fran Drescher, who shares ostentatious jewellery, her grandmother's antique fur coat, and her favourite pornographic tape.
Debbie Gibson
Kit and Darren go inside the home of '80s teen queen Debbie Gibson, who shows off photos from her Playboy shoot, several awesome 80's outfits, some dance moves and a very special toy.
Gene Simmons
Kit and Darren get access to the home of rock and roll legend Gene Simmons of KISS. Wife Shannon Tweed and daughter Sophie show off red carpet outfits and one of Gene's signature guitars.
Rick Harrison
Kit and Martin visit the home of Las Vegas pawn star, Rick Harrison, who shares some of his favourite treasures. He may have to give up the goods for his favourite charity.
Ice T and Coco
Kit and Martin visit the swanky duplex penthouse of reality TV's popular couple, Ice T and Coco, watch Coco's eye-popping wardrobe and an outfit straight from the Law and Order set.
David Hasselhoff
Kit and Darren visit the house of legendary actor, singer extraordinaire, David Hasselhoff, who shows his international treasures including his beloved Baywatch items and music awards.