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Downtown Shabby

Downtown Shabby

Who says you can't have a home that's historic but also tailored to your modern lifestyle? Downtown Shabby follows renovation power newlyweds, Frank & Sherry Fontana, as they bring their passion for transforming historic properties into incredible, one-of-a-kind spaces for modern homeowners around the country. It's not about tearing down these local gems but about giving these old bones new life, and outfitting them with cutting edge and truly functional design and technology. Whether it's an 18th century historic revival building known for its quirky details, a 17th century plantation, or even an early 19th century farmhouse, this duo has developed a unique construction and design skill set that has allowed them to renovate homes of styles into modern masterpieces all without losing their charm, history and character.

Shingled Victorian Gets Luxury Makeover
Ashley and Tim bought a new home, and now face the realities of remodeling a 130-year-old house before their baby is born. They hope to update their living space, build a master suite,and create a nursery.
Victorian Beauty Gets Dream Kitchen
Marty and Lisa want to turn their classic Victorian house into their modern dream home. They are looking to create a gorgeous communal space in the kitchen and the huge Master Suite of their dreams.
Fairytale Farmhouse Gets Stylish Kitchen
Mary and John dream of turning their farmhouse kitchen into a modern masterpiece.They've asked for Frank and Sherry's help to design and build a beautiful yet functional space for their family.
Bungalow Beauty Gets A Fantasy Facelift
Jeff and Shannon bought a home and 9 years later need to find more room in their 1950's Chicago Bungalow. They need modernize the outdated kitchen and bathroom and build a bedroom for their oldest son.
Awe-Inspiring Four Square Gets Expansion
Susan and Seamus O'Mahoney want to modernize their 1930's American Four Square home. They are turning to Frank and Sherry to help find room for their three kids and update their tiny, old kitchen.
Thrift-Shop Two-Flat Gets Makeover
Hollie and James live in one of the trendiest parts of Chicago--Ukrainian Village. They hope to turn their two-apartment home into a beautiful, updated single-family home for their growing family.
Prairie Style gets Open Concept Kitchen
John and Erin have visions of an open concept kitchen that removes the barriers in their turn of the century landmark home. They need Frank and Sherry to help create a home that their family can enjoy.
Majestic Folk Victorian get Mega-Kitchen
Expats Jeff and Angela return to America, dreaming of a classic home, with an enormous American style kitchen, that also features their prized possessions acquired during their travels through Asia.