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Drill Team

Drill Team

What happens when your backyard wedding is Sunday but the deck you thought you could build is still a pile of 2x4s sitting under a tarp? Or your basement floods and the family reunion you're hosting is still on for next weekend? Or maybe the kitchen you tried to rehab is nowhere near finished and your daughter's graduation party is just days away? You call the Drill Team. Inspired by actual calls to the production company, this one hour series for The Big Fix is filled with real families, real problems, and real drama. Our team - two carpenters and a designer -- battle against the clock as they divide up the job and get to work. While our designer might head out shopping, our two carpenters enlist the help of our homeowner, friends and family, and start the prep work. Dust flies and the pressure is on as they tackle everything from demo to construction, painting to designing, with a wealth of take-away information for the audience along the way. In act five it's the rush to get it all done. The completed project is revealed to exhausted, but relieved homeowners. And then, at the end of every episode, we're back on event day to see the wedding, the reunion or the party as it unfolds in the new space. Drill Team. The clock is ticking and the deadline is real.

Richie & Nicole
Richie and Nicole love their Jersey shore house. But after a pipe bursts and floods the whole dwelling, the Drill Team must fix and ready it for the annual family gathering.
John & Kirsten
After a mistake during a paint replacement job makes John and Kirsten's home inhabitable, the team must convert the floor into a bedroom suite before an upcoming party for John's sister.
Scott & Martina
As Scott and Martina's child is on the way, they seek the team's help to transform their bachelor pad into a baby-friendly space, which also needs a whole new bathroom with a bathtub.
Jerry & Sherri
After a torrential rainstorm, Jerry and Sherri find their basement damaged, with a mould growing up the walls. Jerry hopes to surprise Sherri for her birthday with a renovation.
Edd & Lori
After a faulty fireplace goes haywire, Edd and Lori find their home burnt down. Jeff, Brandon and Lauren help them regain occupancy by building a new kitchen, dining room and living room.
Brian & Dawn
As Dawn and Brian's sunroom remains damaged by water and full of rusts and cracks, they enlist the team's help in renovating it for Dawn's twin sister's engagement party.
Ryan & Sue
Ryan and Sue return from a vacation and find a broken pipe spewing water everywhere in their basement. They enlist the team's help to renovate it for their upcoming college reunion party.
Marc & Chrissy
Marc and Chrissy enlist the team's help to renovate their unfinished, dilapidated pool house for a high school graduation party that they plan to host soon.
Christine, a busy single mother with three children, seeks the Drill Team's help to renovate her 1940's home, which looks like a backdrop for a construction zone with hospital lighting.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Sunday,30 Sep, 2018 - 20:55
  • Monday,1 Oct, 2018 - 02:55