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Fit To Fat To Fit
Saturdays 8PM SIN/HK

Fit To Fat To Fit

When it comes to weight loss, it's easy for personal trainers to talk the talk... But what if that trainer had to walk the walk? For 4 months, 10 personal trainers will eat what the average overweight American eats and stop working out altogether. Then each trainer surprises their overweight client and they start a weight-loss program together. At the end of a second 4-month period, they'll reveal their new weights -- will the trainer be able to lose the weight he gained? And will his weight gain help inspire his teammate?

What Does A Fat Person Goes Through?
The First Workout
Meeting the Fattened-Up Trainers
Tramell's Foam Roll Exercises
Jason and Johnny's Retrospective
Tramell's Retrospective


Bearing a Heavy Load
The trainers undergo a test for their minds and bodies to determine whether their commitment to the people they love is enough to get through the next four months.
Fit to Fast Food
Jessi becomes comfortable with eating junk food; Willie must break a heartrending news to Quincy; Toni doubts Felicia's commitment to the experiment.
Fed Up
Cary struggles to pack on the pounds for her friend; Toni gains compassion for her sister Felicia; Lori finds closure for the first time after her husband Ted's death; Jessi balloons up in size.
Fat to Fit
Jessi tries to motivate herself and her husband to lose weight; Cary struggles to be tough while training Parneille; Lori tests Eric's trust with a trip out of the country.
Losing It
Cary questions Parneille's accountability; Eric and Lori must overcome their trust issues to reach their goals; Jessi struggles with her new role as both Jeremy's wife and trainer.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Friday,27 Apr, 2018 - 21:50
  • Saturday,28 Apr, 2018 - 02:55
  • Saturday,28 Apr, 2018 - 09:50
  • Saturday,28 Apr, 2018 - 15:50
Corey / Raela
Corey is an ambitious personal trainer who pushes his clients to the limits. Raela is a preacher's daughter and a homebody who is trying to get fit. He puts his intensity aside to help her reach goals.
Fallon / JD
Fallon is a celebrity fitness correspondent who has never been overweight. JD is a videographer whose weight is 400 pounds. Fallon throws healthy habits away to teach JD that health is the most important.
JJ / Ray
JJ is known as "Superman" to his wife and kids. His overweight client Ray hopes that slimming down will allow him and his wife start a family. JJ will abandon fitness to help Ray discover his inner hero.
Adonis / Alissa
When Adonis was overwhelmed with depression, the solution was fitness. His client Alissa has been overweight her entire life. Adonis will stop training to help her change a temporary diet into a lifestyle.
Carrie / Kenlee
Carrie loves inspiring women to lead healthy lives. Kenlee is a mother whose busy schedule leads to unhealthy living. Carrie will throw away her lifestyle so she can empower Kenlee to put herself first.
Tramell / Johnny / Jason
Tramell has one of the best bodies in the country, while Jason and Johnny have poor eating and exercise habits. By gaining 60 pounds, Tramell is holding this couple accountable for their weight loss.