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Gok's Fill Your House For Free

Gok's Fill Your House For Free

In a bid to prove that you really can get something for nothing, Gok Wan has reopened the Fill Your House For Free shop in Glasgow - and has stocked it from floor to ceiling with furniture all of which has been sourced for free. Each day Gok will invite a family to embrace upcycling and prove to them that, with a bit of inspiration, perspiration and determination, you really can transform your house without breaking the bank.

Kris & Gels
Gelsomino and Kristine, two deli proprietors, wish to renovate their St Albans residence. Gok Wan and his team arrive to help them get what they want.
Dianne & Terry
Dianne and Terry, a spousal duo which has recovered from cancer, meet Gok Wan and his upcycling assistants who help them.
Amy & Rory
Rory, a musical personality, and designer Amy seek to refurbish their rented London residence. Gok Wan arrives with his assistants and uses mood boards and an inventive lamp.
Eva, a single mother of two, wishes to modernise her lounge. Gok Wan and his team provide her with useful tips and strategies.
Kate & Jay
Kate and Jay desire to refurbish and stylise their council house of the 1970s and make it look contemporary. Gok Wan and his deputies help them.
Sara & Ryan
Sara and Ryan want the bedroom and the loft conversion of their Edwardian semi to undergo refurbishment, for which they visit Gok's upcycling shop to seek his assistance.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,21 Nov, 2017 - 20:55
  • Wednesday,22 Nov, 2017 - 02:00
  • Wednesday,22 Nov, 2017 - 08:55
  • Wednesday,22 Nov, 2017 - 14:55
Terri & Russell
Gok and his team attempt to satisfy the set of criteria laid down by Terri and Russell for the renovation of their bungalow of the 1930s.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,28 Nov, 2017 - 20:55
  • Wednesday,29 Nov, 2017 - 02:00
  • Wednesday,29 Nov, 2017 - 08:55
  • Wednesday,29 Nov, 2017 - 14:55
Gok and the team endeavour to overhaul the flat of Stephanie, who hails from Blackpool, and suffered from the horrors of cancer for 18 months, before getting rid of it through treatment.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,5 Dec, 2017 - 20:55
  • Wednesday,6 Dec, 2017 - 02:00
  • Wednesday,6 Dec, 2017 - 08:55
  • Wednesday,6 Dec, 2017 - 14:55
Sophie & Luke
Sophie and Luke request Gok to use his expertise to refurbish their two dilapidated cottages and convert them into functional homes in which there is space for designer Sophie to sew in.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,12 Dec, 2017 - 20:55
  • Wednesday,13 Dec, 2017 - 02:00
  • Wednesday,13 Dec, 2017 - 08:55
  • Wednesday,13 Dec, 2017 - 14:55
Hannah & Alex
Hannah and Alex need Gok's help to transform their dining room into a place to entertain and enjoy, their bedroom into an oasis of cultured calm, and the spare room into a man cave.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,19 Dec, 2017 - 20:55
  • Wednesday,20 Dec, 2017 - 02:00
  • Wednesday,20 Dec, 2017 - 08:55
  • Wednesday,20 Dec, 2017 - 14:55
Roxana & Torik
Roxana and Torik need Gok's aid to transform their kitchen which needs an overhaul, and to add a treatment room off the garage so that masseuse Roxanna can see clients at home.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Tuesday,26 Dec, 2017 - 20:55
  • Wednesday,27 Dec, 2017 - 02:00
  • Wednesday,27 Dec, 2017 - 08:55
  • Wednesday,27 Dec, 2017 - 14:55
Mandi & Sue
Mandi, a biker, and Sue, her best pal, need Gok's help to transform the former's two bedroom house as it is full of biker gear, half-started upcycling projects and mismatched antiques.
Alice & Richard
Gok and his team help Alice and Richard transform the bedrooms of their two kids plus a spare bedroom. The most stunning transformation is on a free valet stand for the spare bedroom.
Laura & Kevin
Laura and Kevin task Gok and his team with injecting some funk and style in their bedroom, their daughter's room and the study, which they hope can be transformed into a craft room.
Karen & Dominic
Dominic and Karen long for a seaside-themed nursery for their imminent newborn. They want their bathroom and kitchen to be transformed. Gok and his team try to upcycle a cool place.
Zahid & Sameena
Gok and his team plan to transform the sitting room-dining room of Zahid and Sameena and their three kids in West Acton, London. Jay enlists the children to make a piece of wall art.
Helen & Mark
Helen and Mark, a couple from Lancashire, need a helping hand to get some much needed style into their 'bog standard' flat. They need to declutter and seek innovative storage solutions.
Nikki & Chris
Gok and his team attempt to make over the lounge, hallway, landing and the master bedroom of a house in Kent in which Nikki and Chris live with their daughter and son.
Rachel & Andy
Louise & Darren