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Home Grown Makeover With Frederique And Carter (S1)

Home Grown Makeover With Frederique And Carter (S1)

Frederique van der Wal - international beauty icon, successful floral entrepreneur and home design enthusiast - is teaming up with her favorite interior designer and contractor to transform people's homes in a spectacular way -- using flowers as inspiration, of course. FREDERIQUE'S HOME MAKEOVER is a new series that intertwines floral design and home renovation, inspired by Frederique's belief that a person's favorite flower can inspire the entire home design process. Each week, we meet one new client undergoing a major life event; from a new marriage to a new baby, these milestones signify the opportunity for an amazing home transformation. This show is not just about floral design, but exploring how a client's favorite flower can inspire a complete home transformation. Frederique and her team act as fairy godmothers of a sort, creating stunning home design surprises that far exceed all expectations.

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