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Late Nite Chef Fight

Late Nite Chef Fight

In brand new food showdown Late Nite Chef Fight, two of Las Vegas' most elite, five-star chefs engage in a culinary battle of gastronomic proportions. Using diverse and exotic ingredients left behind by local food truck vendors, the chefs leave their well-equipped, massive kitchens to enter never-before-seen food trucks where they have to outwit, out-create and out-cook their rival.

Pigskin and Artichokes
Navarro vs. Laferriere
Miller vs. Arzt
Brains and Hearts
Judge Throwdown: Casey vs. Spike
Chefs Get Cooking!


Sinfully Delicious
East meets West when a Vegas authority on Asian fusion goes up against Sin City's king of Italian cuisine. Will the tiny food truck kitchens do justice to tonight's theme of "expensive ingredients"?
Surf Vs. Turf
Tonight's showdown pits Las Vegas' sushi samurai against a meat master in Sin City's ultimate underground cooking competition. Challenged to utilize kombu, parrotfish and rabbit, which chef will triumph?
Skin and Bones
A high-end maestro of Southern comfort food goes up against a Filipino catering firecracker. At the mercy of whatever these trucks have on-hand, will these culinary wizards be able to save their own skin?
Offal Good
Two elite Las Vegas chefs take to the food trucks to prove their mettle. With wild ingredients such as Rocky Mountain oysters, who will triumph by turning these acquired tastes into palatable plates?
High Rollers
Spike Mendelsohn and Casey Lane are forced to put their money where their mouths are, and utilize high quality ingredients like wagyu beef in their tiny food trucks to prove they really are money players.
Drinks on Me
Old Vegas takes on New Vegas as a seasoned Downtown Sous Chef looks to take down a respected Vegas Strip Executive Chef. With no fancy kitchen or any of his staff, can the Executive hold him off?
Trend Setters
It's L.A. vs L.V. tonight, as a self-taught California hustler brings his street sense across the desert to out-cook a classically trained Vegas veteran utilizing trendy ingredients like Patty Pan Squash.
Guilty Pleasures
Vegas is known for comfort food, so the competing chefs must make haute cuisine with low-end items like potato chips and doughnuts. Which chef is able to transform their snacks into a high-class meal?
Holy Mackerel
Laila Ali and Vic 'Vegas' Moea referee an epic food fight between two of Sin City's most renowned chefs. The chefs must embrace a mystery item that leaves a bittersweet taste in everyone's mouths.
Whatever Floats Your Goat
Laila Ali and Vic 'Vegas' Moea take two of Vegas's top chefs out of their 5-star restaurants and into two wildly different food trucks. It's boy versus girl in a back to basics 'battle royale'.
Gator Done
Two meat obsessed 5-star chefs must prove their veggie-chops by reinventing a classic Mexican dip. With time against them, will sharing a surprise food-stash prove a cocky chef's downfall?
Oh Dear, Your Nuts
Two 5-star chefs leave their fancy kitchens behind to face-off in never-before-seen food trucks. Everyone goes nuts for a surprise stash ingredient, leading to a cheeky chance for sabotage!
Strawberry Eels Forever
Two of Vegas's most esteemed chefs compete to determine who's the best in town. The catch? During the day, these chefs both work in the same kitchen!
Truffle Shufflin'
Laila Ali and Vic Moea host a competition that challenges two top chefs to prove their refined skills in battling food trucks. It's a self-taught personal chef versus a Michelin star-winning restaurant.
Should I Stay Or Escargot?
Laila and Vic pit two of Sin City's top 5-star chefs in a food truck battle to end them all. With the chance to get first pick of a food truck, the knives come out in a night of saucy French surprises.
Snakebite & Red
Laila and Vic host a culinary battle between two of Vegas's most salty chefs. Featuring exotic stash meats, everyone's temperatures rise as no one wants to lose and be forced to cook the winner's meal.