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MasterChef New Zealand

MasterChef New Zealand

MasterChef travels to a new world, set against the spectacular and pristine natural backdrop of New Zealand. Boasting natural produce as renowned as its landscapes, MasterChef New Zealand's celebrated judges will scour the country for hidden master chefs who can turn these vibrant ingredients into exciting and creative dishes.

MasterClass 6: Samoa
This week's MasterClass is all about island food as the judges cook up a storm with local Samoan ingredients.
MasterClass 7: Risotto & Dessert
Throwing caution to the wind, Simon kicks things off with a Caesar salad risotto. Ray, on the other hand, goes old school with a classic orange and almond syrup cake, accompanied by a lemon semifreddo.
MasterClass 8: Bali
Simon Gault kicks things off by making a Balinese seafood paste fromscratch, and passes on a handy tip, while Josh Emett hits the beach to cook mahi-mahi and prawns on an open fire.
MasterClass 9: Cookbook Dishes
Simon kicks things off with his creative take on good old macaronicheese, then takes another culinary classic, the prawn cocktail, and shows how to modernise it into a contemporary dish.
MasterClass 10: Favourites
MasterChef judges Simon Gault and Ray McVinnie cook two of their favourite dishes, chorizo ravioli with horopito sauce and duck breast with beetroot and caramelised walnuts.
MasterClass 1: Fish Dishes
This week Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie start the proceedings with Josh making an elegant crispy skin snapper with leeks, bacon and mussels, while Ray cooks an Asian-inspired fried fish and prawn salad.
MasterClass 2: Roast Lamb
Ray gives a North African spin, preparing lamb rump with roasted vegetables, couscous, preserved lemons and feta, while Josh shows how to bone out a shoulder of lamb and how to tie it ready for roasting.
MasterClass 3: Degustation
MasterChef judges Simon Gault and Josh Emett rise to the challenge themselves and prepare two degustation-style dishes each from their respective restaurants' menus.
MasterClass 4: Pasta
Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie show how to make pasta traditionally, kneading it by hand, and with a more modern method, using a food processor and a pasta machine.
MasterClass 5: Veal & Venison
Josh shows how to make a veal loin wrapped in bread and a fricassee of mushrooms and asparagus. Simon takes a different approach and cooks one of his favourite types of meat, venison.
MasterClass 1: A Culinary Journey
The Top 11 MasterChef contestants visit Kauri Cliffs resort in Northland for a MasterClass with executive chef Dale Gartland and MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Simon Gault.
MasterClass 2: Go Protein
Guest chef Eugene Hamilton from Euro restaurant joins MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie to cook three protein-packed main courses.
MasterClass 3: Baking Bonanza
Guest chef Sean Armstrong from Auckland bakery Loaf joins MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie to bake three delicious desserts.
MasterClass 4: Around The World
Guest chef Sergio Maglione from Toto restaurant joins MasterChef judges Simon Gault and Ray McVinnie to cook dishes from around the world.
MasterClass 5: Fiji - Cooking With Fire
Guest chef Michel Louws joins MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie to cook three barbecue dishes at Dolphin Island resort in Fiji.
MasterClass 6: Old School Classics
Following on from the previous MasterChef Turduckenqua challenge, guest Martin Bosley, joins MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie to cook three classic dishes from time gone by.
MasterClass 7: Vineyard Barbecue
Guest chef Rex Morgan joins MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie for a barbecue at Wither Hills vineyard in Marlborough.
MasterClass 8: Just Desserts
Guest chefs Andrew Brown from The George Hotel in Christchurch and Natalie Oldfied from Dulcie May Kitchen in Auckland join MasterChef judge Josh Emett to create three stunning desserts.
MasterClass 9: Mothers Of Invention
Guest chef Ben Bayly from The Grove restaurant in Auckland joins MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie to invent three delicious main courses.
MasterClass 10: Signature Dishes
Following on from MasterChef's semi-final challenge at The French Café, in the final MasterClass of the season, MasterChef judges Josh Emett, Simon Gault and Ray McVinnie cook three signature dishes.