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In SCRAPS, Chef Joel Gamoran throws incredible feasts in the most breathtaking, unexpected locations across America, using the most out-of-the-box ingredients that most people simply throw away the scraps. In one day, Joel and his crew will forage for natural resources, source local ingredients and use ALL parts of them to create one-of-a-kind feasts. Shrimp shells, chicken bones, broccoli stems, corn cobs ¿ you name it, Joel will use it in his delicious feasts.

Asheville, NC
Chef Joel visits local celebrity chef Katie Button in Asheville to make an outdoor dinner feast with out-of-the-box local items consisting of food scraps. They make savoury biscuits and chorizo.
Charleston, SC
Chef Joel and restaurateur Brooks Reitz craft a dinner menu with out-of-the-box items and food scraps in Charleston. Shrimp bells, broccoli stems and canned pickle juice are used.
Atlanta, GA
Chef Joel partners up with restaurateur Steven Satterfield in Atlanta, Georgia, and cooks a delectable dinner using classic southern scraps like herb stems, turnip and bruised strawberries.
Hudson Valley, New York
Chef Joel tries his hand at bread making with chef Jenn Claiborne in Hudson Valley and uses stale bread, bruised apples and carrot tops to create a jaw-dropping, scrap-filled feast.
Brooklyn, New York
Chef Joel Gamoran cooks up an Israeli-inspired dinner with falafal queen Einat Admony, using scraps such as cocoa husks, whey, a cauliflower and herb stems, in Brooklyn, New York.
Denver, CO
Chef Joel Gamoran is in Denver, Colorado, and meets local chef Biju Thomas. They go to a local butcher and use beef cheeks, cucumber seeds and stale rice to create a mouthwatering meal.
Santa Fe, NM
Chef Joel is in New Mexico and meets local chef Jonathan Perno. They learn to make the traditional blue corn tortilla, using stale tortillas, rejected chillies and overripe avocados.
Sonoma, CA
Chef Joel Gamoran travels across the country to Sonoma, California, to team up with old friend and long-time scraps advocate Sally Hiebert. The pair forages for edible ingredients.
Portland, OR
Chef Joel partners up with Mark Bitterman, an author, in Portland, Oregon. They cook up a delicious feast using spent coffee, an entire leek, mushroom stems and rejected pears.
Seattle, WA
Chef Joel meets Ryan Ross, a chef, in Seattle, Washington. They try to catch wild salmon and use the fish collars, corn cobs, beet greens, and cherry pits to create a mouth-watering supper.