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In SCRAPS, Chef Joel Gamoran throws incredible feasts in the most breathtaking, unexpected locations across America, using the most out-of-the-box ingredients that most people simply throw away the scraps. In one day, Joel and his crew will forage for natural resources, source local ingredients and use ALL parts of them to create one-of-a-kind feasts. Shrimp shells, chicken bones, broccoli stems, corn cobs ¿ you name it, Joel will use it in his delicious feasts.

Asheville, NC
Charleston, SC
Atlanta, GA
Chef Joel tries his hand at bread making with chef Jenn Claiborne in Hudson Valley and uses stale bread, bruised apples and carrot tops to create a jaw-dropping, scrap-filled feast.
Hudson Valley, New York
Chef Joel Gamoran travels across the US in his renovated 1963 Volkswagen bus and conjures up meals in the most unanticipated places by employing unconventional ingredients like food waste and scraps.
Brooklyn, New York
Denver, CO
Santa Fe, NM
Sonoma, CA
Portland, OR
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Seattle, WA
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