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Seven Year Switch

Seven Year Switch

Seven years marks a point in many marriages when couples find themselves restless and dissatisfied.

Four couples at a crossroads in their relationship will live with a stranger for two weeks, in an experimental marriage, to determine if different traits in a mate could make their marriage stronger.

Boundaries and Compromise
Couples' Activities
Eric Opens Up
Leah Refuses to Clean Houston's Mess
Wine Tasting and Dune Buggying
Eric and Rachel Swing Dance


With This Ring
Four couples switch spouses with a stranger and live an experimental marriage for 14 days. When they meet their new spouses, they are faced with a decision, making them query everything.
Unhitched and Unhinged
As the experimental couples get to know each other better, they deal with unanticipated attractions. The boundaries that some couples set with their real spouses get tested.
Tale of the Tape
The couples face a challenge which takes some of them out of their comfort zones and makes the others too comfortable. Experts' revelations make many couples question their spouses.
Too Close for Comfort
During an overnight getaway, the experimental couples participate in an intimacy exercise, which proves to be helpful for some while painful for others.
Baring It All
Experts interact with the experimental couples as the experiment almost reaches the midway point. The news that they provide surprises the couples.
The Spouses Meet
As the experiment nears completion, the couples are tasked with meeting their experimental spouses' actual spouse. The disclosures disappoint some and make others have regrets.
Reunited, for Better or Worse
The couples return to their real-life spouses and familiarize themselves with life back at home. Learn whether the experiment helps them strengthen their marital bond.
I Do or I Dont?
The couples have reunited and are now faced with the decision of a lifetime. Do they want to recommit to their marriage, or is it time to part ways for good?
Switch Therapy
Four married couples are introduced as they embark on an emotionally difficult journey to help repair their relationships. At the end of the experiment, the couples will reunite and make their decision.
Initial Attraction
The switches have been made and the experimental married couples are getting to know each other while also navigating their new living quarters and sleeping arrangements.
Fantasies Fulfilled
It's the first week of the experiment and the couples are exploring each other's passions, personalities and patience.
Road to Intimacy
While away on a weekend getaway, the experimental married couples are faced with challenging situations that will force them to either open up or shut down emotionally.
Diving Deep
Now that the experiment is almost half way through and the couples are invested emotionally, Dr. Jessica visits all of the experimental married couples to check in and give them some surprising news.
Facing Regret
The experiment is coming to a close but before the couples are sent home, they're faced with their biggest challenge yet.
Reunited with Reality
The married couples are reunited back home and share their experiences, revelations and concerns with one another while trying not to fall back into their old routines.
Accepting the Truth
Two weeks have passed since the married couples have reunited and now they're challenged with the decision of whether they've made the right choice with their spouse or whether it's time to part ways.