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Sheffield Real Estate

Sheffield Real Estate

This hybrid real estate format follows DeLeon Sheffield and her family as she manages her fast-growing real estate business in the Tampa Bay area all while raising three rowdy young boys. This is not your typical real estate business. DeLeon, armed with the support of her husband, baseball legend Gary Sheffield, helps upscale clients find their dream waterfront escape. Her partner in the business is her outspoken mother Debbie, who also lives with the family and helps rein in her grandsons. Each close-ended episode will feature one couple or family on their quest to find their dream waterfront home wrapped around the antics and escapades of this fun family.

Modern Day Spanish Castle
Professional musicians Kim and Aaron Lepley, who have been married for three years and are in a rock band, Funny Bunny, look for a home with room for a studio space.
Waterfront Wishes
Jackie and Jason Ortiz, who specialize in wealth management as VPs in a financial services brokerage firm, want to make a wise investment, but also find the house of their dreams.
The Glass House
Calvin Jefferson and his son Myles search for a permanent home as high-rise condo living does not interest them. Calvin, a single father hopes that he may find a new wife.
Gorgeous Gulf View
Tammy, the owner of a travel agency, wants a waterfront home to relax, while her husband Rob needs a large space for his hunting gear. The couple searches for a suitable home.
Magnificent Mediterranean Estate
The Cruz', parents and partners in family and business, look to upgrade their family home. They feel that getting a good property deal needs a top notch agent.
Waterfront Play-Pad
Both Lauri, a pin up artist, and Mike, an inventor, work from home. They need a house with big windows for her artwork, a game room for his equipment and a bar for partying.
Tranquil Townhome
Newly engaged, Jami and George are ready to take the next step of moving in together. They look for a new house on the water that can be a home for their blended family.
Backyard Bliss
Jason and Jennifer hunt for their dream home. Since Jason wants a waterfront and Jennifer needs a large kitchen and a spacious bedroom, they must find a house that suits their needs.
First Forever Home
Cassie and Ryan plan their dream wedding, but they also want a home to call their own. They look forward to mixing their styles and getting their dream home before the marriage.
Orlando Oasis
With career opportunities in play for the Rays, the family plans to move to Orlando, even though their children have spent their whole lives in Tampa.
Massive Mansion
Clara and Billy Ferriolo hunt for a larger home for their family of five. However, Clara's mother, Bella, intervenes in their decision and has her own, different opinion on it.
Lap of Luxury
With their careers in full swing and a wedding around the corner, newly engaged Scott and Matt hunt for a contemporary style home with a waterfront in Orlando.
Million Dollar View
Kate and Chris look for a capacious waterfront property home. Chris wants a home office space and Kate needs a large outdoor entertaining space.
Spacious Sanctuary
Michael and Tina Clayton hunt for a new home for their family of five, with a preference for a spacious property comprising a cosy master bedroom, large closets and a water view.