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Stove Tots

Stove Tots

Stove Tots gives viewers a first-hand look at the cutthroat world of junior culinary competitions. We are following the next generation of culinary masters - maestros of the kitchen, who had better finish their homework and do their chores before they go near the stove. Each year, there are over 200 junior cooking competitions in the US, and Stove Tots will focus on the up-and-coming young chefs, as well as their devoted and supportive (sometimes too supportive) parents, as they cut their teeth in these high stakes cook-offs. Each week we follow a new group of culinary wunderkinds as they prepare recipes, search for inspiration and deal with the pressures of competition as they prepare for the culinary fight of their lives.

What Kind Of Cook
The Angry Backseat Driver Mom
Lifes a Beach...Bite
The kids have a sour experience in the first round when one of them forgets an important ingredient; by second round, a major breakdown ensues.
The Crying Game
As the south of the border challenge starts, the young chefs' mothers fail to contain their enthusiasm, and one team beats the record for the most penalties.
Crouching Chef...Hidden Ginger
In the first round, the chefs deal with forgotten ingredients and one chef's hatred for ginger; in round two, penalties mount and egos begin to clash.
Rags to Riches
The chefs must get creative with low-end ingredients and then flip the switch for a fine dining experience; the cooking competition among three pre-teen girls results in chaos.
California Steamin
In the la chef challenge, the protege struggles to live up to her mother's reputation and the hot mess struggles to keep her ingredients from falling on the floor.
Cook Like a Cajun
When one chef turns out to be a student of another chef's mother, insulting comments run rampant, as the chefs discover how dangerous distractions can be.
True Grits
Competition remains fierce among three of the top barbecue little chefs in the country; two former competitors have a re-match.
Fry Me to The Moon
In the seafood galore challenge, the chefs try to fry their way to the top. But they also need to deal with their parents' temperament.
Mamas And Tapas
The chefs contend with Spanish tapas and fancy French cooking techniques in the Spanish meets French challenge.
Mammas Mia
In the Little Italy challenge, in order to make it into Round 2, the chefs must make a pizza in no more than 30 minutes.
Michelin Star Wars
Nervous mothers, over-ambitious dishes, and some technical difficulties threaten to derail the chefs' quest to be the best.
The Melting Pot
In the melting pot challenge, the chefs must create five star dishes from foreign countries. As the pressure mounts, one mother pushes the limits way too far.
Street Cred
The chefs must create delicious dishes on a stick, then up the ante with a fine dining twist. As the pressure mounts, screaming, crying and even talks of sabotage ensue.