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Style Unzipped

Style Unzipped

STYLE UNZIPPED takes viewers on a journey into the fascinating, and often unbelievable stories behind the fashionable items we wear today. From the origins of the bikini, the military significance of the pea coat and how the jockstrap was once considered a medical cure for kidney failure and insomnia? Viewers will be entertained and surprised by the history of clothing and accessories we wear today.

Spandex and the Leather Jacket
Do Clothes Matter?
Most Common Style Mistakes
Garter Belts and Cowboy Hats
What Makes an Item Iconic?
Can Style Be Learned?


The Bikini, Lipstick And High Heels
We'll reveal how the bikini was inspired by an atomic explosion and how the wedding ring wasn't always a symbol of eternal love. We reveal the stories behind the styles you thought you knew.
The T-Shirt, Nail Polish And The Bra
We'll explore how the T-shirt went from underwear to an icon of cool, how we wouldn't have nail polish without the sports car, and how early bras were fashioned after torpedoes.
The Thong, Eyeliner And The Cowboy Hat
We'll see how thongs started on men, how King Tut helped launch a 56 billion dollar cosmetic industry, how khakis went from camo to college, and how the garter belt went from practicality to sexuality.
Bridesmaid Dress And Skinny Jeans
We'll see how skinny jeans can sometimes be too revealing, how tighty whities evolved to look better on a woman, and how the bridesmaid dress can protect you from evil.
The Midriff And The Women's Blazer
We'll reveal how the drop crotch went from harem pants to hammer pants, how a president almost killed the fedora, how Hindu gods began a fashion revolution, and how the tutu can be fairytale and fetish.
Spandex And The Leather Jacket
We'll reveal how the jockstrap was created to battle insomnia, how the leather jacket is the coolest piece of clothing you can own, and how WWII gave rise to the female cheerleader.
The Wedding Dress And The Color Pink
We'll see how the tuxedo can look even sexier on a woman than a man, how the wedding dress wasn't always a symbol of virtue, and how the color pink can make cellulite disappear.
The Plaid Shirt And The Ballet Flat
We'll show how capes aren't just for superheroes, how the pea coat isn't what it sounds like, and how plaid sparked anarchy in the UK centuries before anyone had heard of punk rock.
Platinum Blonde Hair And The Scarf
We'll see how the Romans used gold dust to go blonde, how clip-ons saved the earring from extinction, how undergarments became outer garments, and how the scarf went from sweat cloth to social status.