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Teenage Newlyweds

Teenage Newlyweds

In “Teenage Newlyweds,” viewers follow three couples as they learn how to build a life and future together, all while still growing up. Halie and George, both members of the Mormon Church, met while he was a missionary and were engaged after only a few short months of dating. Brenda and Travis were set-up on a blind date while attending college and sparks flew immediately, despite clashing beliefs and values. Small-town high school sweethearts, Emma and Joey have vastly different career aspirations, but are determined to make their marriage work. Universal life stages are explored across the series as viewers watch the three couples work through issues most American couples today tackle when they are older and wiser.

The Weddings
We join3 couples as they transit from teen sweethearts to husband and wife; going through ups and downs juggling family, school, career, finances and first homes, while still navigating life as a teenager.
Honeymoons And Tears
The couples learn to navigate intimacy in and out of the bedroom. Halie and George, nervous but giddy, spend their first night. Brenda and Travis heads to honeymoon in Mexico, Emma and Joey in Canada.
Leaving The Nest
The honeymoons are over, it's time for our couples to set up their homes. Halie and George move to Utah, Travis and Brenda finally move in together after being separated. Emma and Joey start to house hunt.
Baby Talk
After settling in, babies are on everyone's mind. Halie and George babysits their 4-year-old nephew. Brenda and Travis have a pregnancy scare, while Emma and Joey shop for their friend's baby shower.
Marriage Meets Money
Halie and George meet a financial adviser; Brenda and Travis go over their finances only to realise that they are not on the same page.
Married With Friends
Halie is homesick for her family back in Arizona. Travis and Brenda host their first joint event by throwing a party. Emma confides in Joey that she does not have enough time to spend with her friends.
Communication Breakdown
The couples seek advice to improve communication. When Halie's family visits, George feels insecure. Brenda and Travis discuss their opposing beliefs. Emma is upset at Joey for not being responsible.
The couples need to decide. Halie and George contemplate a move back to Arizona. Brenda and Travis decide on the moral values for their family. Emma and Joey determine if counseling is the best next step.