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Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation

TINY HOUSE NATION follows host John Weisbarth and renovation expert Zack Giffin as they travel across America showing off ingenious small spaces and the inventive people who live in them. Along the way, they help families design and construct their own mini dream homes, each no larger than 500 square feet.
From a family that is looking to build a cozy winter retreat to another finally ready to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, thirteen hour-long episodes are packed with proof that it’s not size that matters in these spaces, but creativity.

Deion and Tracey Adjust to a Smaller Space
Checking In on Sean and Kate
Golfing Inside a Tiny House
A Tiny Observatory
The Industrial Salad Station
Flat Tire, Tiny House


Tiny Kitchen
Big Family, Tiny Challenge
This special focuses on a family of five as they plunge into moving from huge to tiny for two weeks and try to survive living their normal" lives in less than 500 sq. feet without all the excess stuff."
Christmas Extreme Builds
It's a special holiday episode of Tiny House Nation! In honor of the holidays, John and Zack share some of the most extreme and memorable tiny homes they've ever built.
The 12 Zack Hacks of Christmas
This special "Holiday" episode will feature John and Zack recounting twelve of their favorite "Zack Hacks", as well as sharing some fun and festive DIY holiday projects.
398 Sq Ft Stargazers Tiny Dome
Newly-wed Sam and Ken, who are aware of their footprint, request John and Zack to build for them a one-of-a-kind tiny home as they believe in its future viability.
330 Sq Ft Ever Growing Tiny House
Ashleigh and Cody request John and Zack to build a tiny home that blends her funky bohemian style with their veganism and his love for modern, clean lines.
325 Sq. Ft. Texan's Take Tiny House
Zack and John help a couple, Mark and Nicole, build a tiny home in Texas that brings them closer to their kith and kin and delights their beloved dog Oliver too.
600 Sq Ft Power-Couple's Retreat
NFL Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders and TV host Tracey Edmonds wish to construct a tiny retreat where they would be able to relax between hectic professional schedules.
400 Sq. Ft. Amplified Tiny House
When Asha and Ryan realize going tiny is the next big step in their relationship, they call on their longtime friend Zack for some help.
340 Sq. Ft. Big Dogs, Tiny House
Sean and Kate have asked John and Zack to help them create a modern home that accommodates everyone comfortably, including their dogs, and is durable enough for travel.
688 Sq Ft It Takes Six to Tiny
Darren and Melody entrust John and Zack with the task of creating a two-trailer tiny house that has privacy, activity and space for their four children.
750 Sq Ft Tiny Family Obstacle
Chad and Cecilia ask John and Zack to create a tiny house that will bring them closer to their kids in the last few years before they join college as young adults.
320 Sq Ft Tiny Arc
John and Zack attempt to build a tiny home for David and Conrad in which their 29 pets feel comfortable. If they succeed, it will be a tiny miracle.
450 Sq Ft Tiny House On The Prairie
Homeowner John asks John and Zack to create a together house in the Rocky Mountains that has room for seven people, privacy, entertainment and a slice of Chicago.
330 Sq Ft Tick-Tock Tiny
John and Zack are tasked with creating a tiny home for Damon and Kaylie that not only covers the basics but can hopefully stop time for this well-deserving family.
425 Sq Ft Tiny Tech House
Homeowners Jared and Tarrin want a fully automated tiny house that will lead to a future in which they spend memorable moments together and eliminate unnecessary maintenance.
750 Sq Ft Tiny On-Deck!
Jay and Jodi built their dream house but now Jodi is planning on being a full-time mom. Their biggest concern is creating a space for the whole family, while keeping privacy for their teenage daughter.
370 Sq Ft Triathlete's Tiny Abode
Triathletes Tommy and Katie want John and Zack to build for them a home which is cosy but which can also function as a space for them to train in between competitions.
520 Sq Ft Tiny Maoil Hale
Angela and Elizabeth want a tiny home for them and their two-year-old baby that embodies the traditional Hawaiian aesthetic while maintaining an off-grid system.
320 Sq Ft Tiny Zen Den
Brian and Devon want to put down roots in their first home, from where they hope to also be able to work. For this, John and Zack will have to churn some ingenious ideas.
344 Sq Ft Tiny Tech-Free Retreat
CJ and Christina lead successful but stressful professional lives out in Silicon Valley while also raising their boys. They're looking to escape the tech in the valley.
560 Sq Ft Taking Tiny Roots
Jason and Emily and their two kids have been living in a mansion, but when their daughter Ruby's health takes a turn for the worst, their outlook on life quickly shifts.
Tiny is the New Big!
How big can little things be? John Weisbarth delves into the tiny trend that has taken the world by storm, as he explores marvels ranging from mini masterpieces, to petite foods, to teeny transportation.
276 Sq Ft Basketball House
Basketball player, Matt Bonner has asked Zack and John to make his family a travelling house. The challenge is figuring out how a 6'10" tall person is going to move around comfortably in the tiny space.
315 Sq Ft Aviation House
Dusty and Ashley have been traveling the world and are finally settling down. They're hoping for a tiny house that is not only functional but connects his love for aviation and her love for bright colors.
200 Sq Ft "Pop-Up Shop"
Clothing designers, Greg and Frances, have big dreams that start with buildling a tiny house which doubles as their pop-up shop. Zack's challenge will be figuring out the right balance of hip and home.
230 Sq Ft Smart House""
Kyle and Jennifer are tech savvy people who want to build a contemporary tiny house decked out with smart gadgets. The challenge is figuring out how to get everything connected without crossing any wire.
170 Sq Ft "Rustic Bike House"
Sarah and Tabatha want to simplify their farm life by going tiny. John and Zack will help build a rustic tiny house that can withstand dirt and grit whilst keeping them warm in the harsh Wisconsin winters.
545 Sq Ft Seven's Company""
The Moores are looking for a tiny house that allows them to bond while accomodating spaces for 3 homeschooling boys, studying parents, musical jam sessions, and occassional visits from their 2 older sons.
250 Sq Ft World Traveler's Home""
Kyle and Whitney would like John and Zack to build for them a clutter-free house that merges their eclectic style with worldly inspirations that feels warm.
300 Sq. Ft. “Retro Garage House”
Jose's military work has made him and his kin relocate to diverse cities. As he prepares to retire, Stacy and Jose want a tiny house in which their two daughters grow.
300 Sq Ft Poker Night House
Michelle and Blake ask John and Zack to help them build a tiny house that has space to entertain their friends and room for their dogs.
200 Sq Ft Mobile Photo Studio
Anna and Aaron are wedding photographers who have decided to go tiny in order to maximize their business. One factor they will face is how to make a mobile tiny house childproof for their 2 year old son.
300 Sq Ft Surf Shack Chic
Amber and Tommy are competitive rowers and avid surfers who have decided to go tiny for their first home. John and Zack will have to catch the right wave of ideas and keep the beach theme of Santa Barbara.
204 SQ FT Mountaineer Dream Home
Luke and Tina are avid mountaineers who have accumulated tons of specialty gear for their outdoor hobbies. Now, they have to figure a way to build a tiny wooden cabin.
280 Sq Ft Survival House
Jared and Vanessa love food. They both love to grill and grow their own herbs and produce. John and Zack help them pare down to the essentials while building a house on wheels.
220 Ft Romantic Abode
Nick and Vickie have been together since middle school! These 2 love birds want to build a tiny home that allows them space to keep up with their healthy diet & lifestyle and gives them space for studying.
400 SQ FT Ohana House
Clayton and Carol are looking to build a unique Hawaiian tiny house that their family can grow alongside, with the beautiful Pacific Northwest on the outside and a natural and airy feel on the inside.
240 SqFt Country Meets City House
Chaz is country boy and Crystal a city gal proving to be an example of opposites attract. It becomes evident when they decide to build them a tiny house that has a rustic country feel with modern accents.
600 SqFt Tiny Victorian
Danny and Lonie are business owners looking to go tiny for material and financial freedom. The challenge will be finding space for their massive wardrobe and functional outdoor for their weekend brunches.
700 Sq. Ft. Tiny Recording Studio
Award-winning producer-cum-rapper Lil Jon wants John and Jack to build a tiny recording studio in his backyard. His wife Nicole seeks a guest space for family and pals.
230 SqFt Travel Well House
Allen and Alexa are newlyweds looking to expand their online travel wellness magazine by going tiny. They're looking for a space that combines their love for fitness and travel at the comfort of home.
380 Sq Ft Derby House
Scott and Marianne ask John and Zack to help create a house that embodies the rustic derby charm they love and includes some high-end gadgets to make tiny living feel grander.
310 Sq. Ft. Penny’s Tiny Playhouse
Tim and Amber are looking to build a tiny house that allows their daughter Penny's imagination to run wild; a space that is safe for their bright toddler, while giving her room for entertaining friends.
200 Sq Ft Family-Friendly House
Adam and Gabrielle want a tiny house that they can raise their growing family in. They're hoping for a space that's kid-purposed, with Gabrielle reaching the end of her pregnancy of their second child.
240 Sq Ft Tiny Ski Lodge
Chris and Tamara love skiing and snowboarding and are hoping for a modern ski lodge right at their doorstep. They want a functional space to not only store all their gear, but also maintain it.
460 Sq. Ft. Long Journey to Tiny
Brock asks John and Zack to figure out how to create enough clothing storage for his family of four as well as two loft spaces to keep his kids excited.
325 Sq. Ft. Expandable Tiny Cottage
Jay and Jodi built their dream house but now Jodi is planning on being a full-time mom. Their biggest concern is creating a space for the whole family, while keeping privacy for their teenage daughter.
280 Sq. Ft. Bohemian Tree House
Rob and Yvonne ask John and Zack to build for them a treehouse-inspired space that resembles their youthful personalities and love for the natural environment.
12 Tiny Homes of Christmas
During this festive one-hour Tiny House Nation special, builder and host Zack Giffin will travel across the country to visit three tiny homeowners as they prepare their small spaces for the holidays.
576 Sq Ft Mississippi Memory Home
A family rebuilds their home after it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. While they are excited to return to their community, permit issues threaten to shut the whole build down.
340 Sq Ft Solar Powered Studio
Phillise and her toddler boys want a tiny eco-friendly house. They are committed to living off grid and the house is passively designed to take advantage of the California sun.
340 Sq Ft Steampunk Adventure Home
Michele and her son are ready for their next adventure--in a tiny house! Since they plan to drive this tiny house across the country, John coaches Michele through House Driving 101.
400 Sq. Ft. Wine Tasting House
Aaron and Meredith and their two dogs just moved to Austin, TX in hopes of expanding their winery business. They're looking for a tiny house that fits right in with the unique appeal of the local scene.
480 Sq Ft Gothic Castle House
This music loving family is looking for a tiny house that still has room for their many instruments. While mom and dad want a space that's gothic, their daughter Miura is looking for something brighter.
400 Sq Ft Vacation Home
This close-knit family is looking for a tiny home to do some extended stay vacationing in. They've asked for a high-tech tiny home that they can monitor from afar to check weather conditions in the future.
180 Sq Ft Backpack House
These two young teachers love the outdoors and want a home with a space they can use as a base for their non-profit which teaches inner-city children all about the outdoors.
300 Sq Ft His n' Hers House
Kelsey and Matt have been roommates for several years. Our challenge is to build a tiny house that still provides ample privacy for these two techy best friends turned lovebirds as their romance evolves.
300 Sq Ft Crash Pad
Matt and Emma love having friends over. Now that they are turning their garage into a tiny house and renting out their big house, the challenge lies in making sure there's still room for all.
180 Sq Ft Tiny Lighthouse
Lauren and Liam want to build a nautically inspired tiny house. Our challenge is to create a dual-purpose 'nook' that works as a library for Lauren and a movie theater for Liam.
350 Sq Ft Outdoor Adventure House
The Setliff's are looking to escape the fast pace of their city life, leave all their electronic devices behind, and build a tiny house that can serve as their weekend getaway.
340 Sq Ft Pioneer House
The Graham's are gearing up to make a major move across the country. They're looking for a craftsman style tiny house that's going to hold up against the brutal winters they will soon face.
The Best Of Tiny Houses
John Weisbarth stacks up the best of the best into this one-hour, all-out top ten tiny countdown special. From an eco-friendly studio to a refurbished silo, proving that size doesn't matter!
Tiny Haunted Houses
Celebrate Halloween decor, food and costumes, along with the Tiny House movement. The hauntrepreneurs and the staff at Blue Moon Rising will create a magical collection of three tiny haunted houses.
172 Sq Ft Dream Castle
A young Tennessee couple is moving into a Tiny House with a toddler in tow. So John and Zack have to design a 172 sq. foot space that includes a pink castle, full kitchen, and master bedroom with privacy.
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  • Thursday,27 Sep, 2018 - 06:05
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  • Friday,28 Sep, 2018 - 03:50
River Escape
A family of four builds 336 sq. foot Tiny House on their river rafting resort. But the 2 teenagers want their own separate space, so John and Zack have to create private sleeping quarters for four adults.
Upcoming Airings:
  • Friday,28 Sep, 2018 - 06:05
  • Friday,28 Sep, 2018 - 12:05
  • Friday,28 Sep, 2018 - 16:45
  • Saturday,29 Sep, 2018 - 03:50
210 Sq Ft Rochester Studio Retreat
A young couple builds 210 sq. foot Tiny House. He loves to brew beer and she loves to exercise on a dance pole, and those hobbies take up a lot of space. Just how much can fit into this one room studio?
220 Sq Ft Bohemian Escape
A young Cleveland couple builds 220 sq. foot Tiny House on a trailer so they can travel for work. But they have some crazy demands for the space - like a recording studio and a quilting area.
500 Sq Ft Rocky Mountain Mansion
A couple from Colorado wants to downsize their mountain top retreat, but they work from home and it's a tall order for our hosts John and Zack to fit two separate offices into this modern abode.
493 Sq Ft Vermont Chalet
A family builds a Tiny House in their driveway. But they need a home that will work for 3 adults - Mom, Dad, and college-aged daughter - and they're arguing over how to divvy up the bedroom space.
207 Sq Ft Minnesota Prairie Cottage
A Minnesota couple builds a 207 sq. foot mobile prairie cottage for their family of 4. They need a classroom for home schooling their kids, and they want to connect the 2 bedroom lofts with a catwalk.
150 Sq Ft Mobile Bachelor Pad
A young bachelor from Massachusetts builds a 150 sq. foot mobile Tiny House with New England charm on the outside and modern technology on the inside.
264 Sq Ft Honeymoon Suite
A Little Rock couple builds a 264 sq. ft mobile honeymoon pad as they prepare to get married and hit the road as traveling nurses. They want lots of storage space so they have room for their wedding gifts.
192 Sq Ft Launch Pad
Brian is a thrill seeking bachelor in Trenton, GA. A hang gliding enthusiast, Brian spends most of his time in the sky. He wants a tiny house on the ground so he can continue to pursue his passions.
204 Sq Ft Climbing Gym
Vince and Sam work hard and play harder. They love to rock climb and go hiking with their dog; they want a tiny house that fits their fun-loving lifestyle.
275 Sq Ft Nomad's Nest
Jeremy and Lindsay have traveled the world and they are finally ready to settle down--in a tiny house! Jeremy is 6'5, will he even fit in a tiny house?
224 Sq Ft Entertaining Abode
Josh and Shelley are a young couple in Northern California who own a moving and hauling business. They love to entertain friends and don't want the party to end in the tiny house.
192 Sq Ft Bird House
Bird trainers Simon and Lindsey need a tiny house with enough space to train their nine birds. Plus, they've been gathering windows, wood, and metal to build their own tiny nest.