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Top Travel
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Top Travel

FYI presents a new series – Top Travel. The series focuses on Jeannie D and Janez Vermeiren who join forces to journey around the world in twenty-six weeks. Whether they fly first class, travel by train, yacht or cruise ship – Top Travel unlocks the viewer’s passport to the world.

In each episode, Jeannie and Janez stop off in a timeless destination - exploring the best hotels, restaurants, cultures, landmarks, art galleries and activities for that single location. It is a fabulous international soirée, with travel tips and laughs galore from two of the world’s leading globe-trotters.

Jeannie and Janez tour the Piazza St Marco in Venice and visit the Murano glass factory. Later, Jeannie gets a lesson in making lace at the renowned La Perla gallery.
In Copenhagen, Janez discovers an organic fast food restaurant, travels by bicycle taxi and braves the icy harbour water. He boards the Costa Fortuna for a whirl around the Baltic Sea.
Janez earns his sea legs working below deck on the Costa Fortuna. The ship's next stop is Tallinn, where he takes in a medieval-style street festival and a whirlwind tour of the city.
The jet-setting duo explore Barcelona further, including the unfinished magnum opus of master architect Antoni Gaudi: the awe-inspiring Basilica La Sagrada Familia.
Jeannie and Janez are in top gear, following the Formula 1 circuit through the streets of Monaco and discovering five star foodie heaven at Monte Carlo's Hotel du Paris.
Jeannie and Janez unleash their inner gladiators in Rome and learn how to wield a shield. Jeannie makes pizza and plays delivery girl in Naples. She and Janez traverse the Piazza de Plebiscito.
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  • Sunday,24 Sep, 2017 - 21:25
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Jeannie and Janez drop anchor at Vietra Sul Mare and try their hand at pottery. They head up to Salerno, home to the oldest European botanical garden. Their next stop is Santorini in Greece.
Jeannie and Janez kick things off with a horseback ride on the beach in Kusadasi. They are in for a pamper session at a traditional Turkish bath. Their next stop is Athens.
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  • Sunday,24 Sep, 2017 - 18:30
  • Monday,25 Sep, 2017 - 00:30
Jeannie and Janez visit the green Greek island of Corfu where they mingle with the mayor and tour the town. Janez loses his composure on the water and falls apart in dance calls.
When Jeannie and Janez are in Cape Town, they explore the scenic Route 62. They make a pit stop at the bra-covered bar in Klein Karoo and Ronnie's Sex Shop, before going crocodile cage-diving.
Jeannie and Janez taxi to Soweto to a popular fast-food restaurant. They travel to the Madikwe game reserve where they experience a scenic drive and encounter an anti-poaching unit.
Jeannie and Janez swim at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. They embark on an exciting elephant safari and cruise down the Chobe river on a luxurious house boat to visit a traditional Namibian village.
Jeannie and Janez stay at the Khwai River Lodge in Botswana. They take a game drive. They visit Jack's Camp, a luxurious tented accommodation in the Kalahari desert.
Jeannie and Janez revel at Jack's Camp, a luxurious colonial-style tented outpost in Botswana. They travel by a quad bike across the salt pans and meet the area's welcoming Khoi San bushmen.
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