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Unplugged Nation

Unplugged Nation

As most Americans grind away in an office, many of us daydream about what it would be like to drop off the grid and live a simpler life. In the new FYI series UNPLUGGED NATION, viewers will follow a family who is looking to leave their city life behind and take the leap into off-grid living. In each episode, a new family will view three properties in the area they would like to live in and they will get to select one dream home try out the "unplugged" way of life for three days. Guided by off-the-grid expert, Jay Gruen, the families will learn what it takes to live this new lifestyle - from growing their own food, to running their own electricity to fending for themselves. Then they will decide whether they can hack it off-grid or need to move back to the city.

Homesteading Hack: Grow Celery with Scraps
Homesteading Hack: Instant Watering Can
Homesteading Hack: Keep Bananas Fresh
Bonus Scene: Making Almond Milk
Bonus Scene: Growing Mushrooms
Bonus Scene: Making a Birch Fire Ribbon


Maine Lakeside Living
Bond trader John and his real-estate broker wife, Becky, are frustrated in their small Manhattan apartment and want to give their two boys more of an outdoors way of life.
Maine Coastal Challenge
The Snodgrass family from Chicago wants to move to Maine and become self-sufficient. They view three off-the-grid properties on the coast and choose one to stay in and try out.
Hawaiian Dream
The Bastelli family from New Jersey have never lived outside the city before and wants to move off grid. Will they decide to stay unplugged in Hawaii or return home to plug back in?
Washington State Challenge
Californian girl, Allyson, wants to start an unplugged life with her two children and new partner, Nels. After three days of living unplugged, will they choose to buy the off grid property or not?
Off Grid in Oregon
Former photographer, Courtney and graphic designer, Shaun, want to start a new unplugged life with their four young children. After three days unplugged, will they decide to stay unplugged or not?
Escape from Suburbia
Musician, Angela and writer, Daniel, from LA, want to set up their first home together in Washington State. But after their time unplugged, will they decide to make the move or not?
Island Paradise
The Jevens family from Washington D.C. wants to move to Hawaii and become more self-sufficient. They view three off grid properties on the Big Island of Hawaii and have to choose one to stay in for 3 days.
New Life Off Grid
The Card family from Texas wants to move to North Carolina and start a new life unplugged. They test out the unplugged way of living for three days and make their decision.
Group Living Off Grid
A group of five young people have decided to leave their city lives and move off grid to set up a new unplugged existence together in Tennessee. Will they decide to buy the property or not?
Life on the Edge
The Saint Pauls family wants to move from Baltimore and start a new unplugged life in North Carolina. Will they choose to buy the property after three days or will they move back and plug back in?
Idaho Idyll
Follow the Knight family as they leave behind busy St. Louis for the wilderness of Idaho. With three young boys, limited electricity and undrinkable water, can the family pull together to live unplugged?