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We're Moving In

We're Moving In

FYI's new original series, WE'RE MOVING IN, a joint creative venture with Pinterest, takes home renovation and decorating to a whole new digital level. With the guidance of design specialists, James Connelly and Britany Simon, new housemates get the help they need in order to make their visions come alive with innovative, do-it-yourself ideas from Pinterest. No matter how long two people have known each other, the challenge of moving in together and blending design styles can be a daunting task. In each episode of WE'RE MOVING IN, new housemates from newly married couples, to roommates, to blended families are in the throes of moving in together for the first time.

Projects for the Party Home
Creating a Faux Fireplace
A Dramatic Dichotomy
Upcycling Chair Fabrics
Making a Spoon Mirror
From Dorm to Adult
Man Cave Vs Her Cave
Two brothers, who live together, find themselves at a crossroads when one of their girlfriends moves in and wants to redecorate. Will the single brother be able to let go of his bachelor lifestyle?
Three's A Crowd
Just because you've been friends forever doesn't mean you have the same taste! Three twenty-somethings learn this the hard way when they move in together and can't agree on how to decorate.
Odd Couple Of Design
Two best friends find themselves in a battle when it comes to decorating their bachelor pad. One wants a contemporary hotel vibe, and the other wants to live like the futuristic Jetson's!
Family Feud
Tune in for a family feud! A brother and sister move in together and can't agree on how to decorate and live happily under the same roof! Will they be able to merge their conflicting design styles?
Wrestling With Design
When two former WWE superstars decide to become roommates it proves to be a bad match! Now, instead of battling it out in the ring, these two have been wrestling over how to decorate their home!
Till Design Do We Part
Two cyberspace lovebirds finally decide to move in together. However, merging their clashing design styles proves to be worse than a computer crash. Will they work it out?